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Life Energy Institute

“The infinite within is ever becoming.”

Dr. Randolf Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy

Life Energy Based Therapies

Advancing The Skills Of Healing Practitioners


Advancing the skills of healing practitioners for over 30 years, Life Energy Institute is a resource and educational center for the advancement of Life Energy based therapies.

Our teachers are deeply resourced individuals and our programs are accredited and designed to enrich the understanding and experience of fundamental principles of energy medicine modalities applied to one’s professional or personal life.

Classes are open to all beginning their journey into the healing arts and those currently practicing other modalities such as massage therapists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists and any other body-mind-spirit healing practitioners.

We offer classes, programs and retreats in Los Angeles, New York, Arizona, Japan and other locations around the world.

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FREE – Holding Space Meditation – with Gary Strauss

Join Gary on the first Tuesday of every month for a FREE Holding Space Meditation

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New York City Classes

Clinical Energetics and Client Communication for Improved Outcomes

Gary will teach this class on October 14th.

Watch the INTRO with Gary recorded on September 19th and learn more about this class:

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VentroVagal Craniosacral 2 – October 21 & 22 – in person and livestreaming

Discover the power of deeper healing. Join our class on Ventral Vagal Craniosacral and Holding Space Techniques for Stress and Trauma. Enroll now and unlock relaxation, trauma resolution, and overall well-being. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the body-mind connection and gain effective tools for stress and trauma regulation.  Start your healing journey today.

The first class in this series was held July 14-16 and was both in-person and livestreamed (and recorded).  Did you miss the class?  Catch up by purchasing the recordings of VentroVagal Craniosacral 1 – Click Here To Learn More

VentroVagal Craniosacral 2 – October 21 & 22  – CLICK HERE to register and learn more.



Polarity Therapy Practitioner Training

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive health system using energy-based bodywork, exercise, diet, nutrition, and verbal communication to bring body, mind, emotions, and spirit into a state of balance and vibrant health. Our program provides a foundation of the Human Energy System and how it functions and relates to health & all aspects of life.

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Arizona Programs

Craniosacral Unwinding & Polarity Therapy

We offer Polarity Therapy classes at one of the largest Polarity & Craniosacral programs in the country – at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). This is a great opportunity to train with Gary Strauss in the Southwest!

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Los Angeles Classes

See our LA class schedule here :  LA Classes

**Note: many of our classes are livestreamed, so you can join from anywhere in the world!



LEI-IPSB Trust is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization developed to spread wellness and energy healing in our community and around the world.

Our mission is to support people in all walks of life with our experienced teachers and practitioners sharing the benefits of energy healing.

Please visit our website to learn more.  Please consider making a donation to support our work.  Thank you!

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Special Class with Dr. John Beaulieu

Tuning Your Brain: Biosonic Brain Tuners™- Online

A Sound Healing with Tuning Forks Class – Online – October 14

Biosonic Brain Tuner™ tuning forks allow us to sonically experience brain waves associated with different states of consciousness in order to reach our life goals. Biosonic Brain Tuners™ are based on brain wave studies using electroencephalography (EEG) technology to map frequencies associated with different states of consciousness known as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. When the Brain Tuners are simultaneously sounded – one in the left ear and the other in the right ear – the two hemispheres of the brain function together to integrate the two sounds, creating a frequency called a binaural beat. When we listen to binaural beats, we shift into different states of consciousness associated with faster and slower binaural beats. Visualize a car shifting into different gears, i.e., a low gear for pick up and climbing hills, a medium gear for slow driving, and a high gear for highway cruising. In a similar way, living our life requires shifting into Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma for different life situations. Delta is a slow binaural beat associated with deep sleep. Theta is moderately slow binaural beat associated with meditation and dream states. Alpha is moderately fast binaural beat associated with relaxed awareness, creativity, and heightened learning. Beta is fast binaural beat associated with high alertness and multi-tasking. Gamma is very fast binaural tone associated with brain wave synchronization and meditation.




Distance Healing Academy – 2023 Program

Listen to the Intro with Gary Strauss & Jennifer Sanders to learn about this year’s program – CLICK HERE

Life Energy Institute presents our Distance Healing Academy offering courses in Quantum based frequency healing skills and technology for the 21st century.  Join our seasoned Teaching/Practitioner Staff to own your own Life Energy field of being and discover the tools to align and hold Space for others. This Training is the culmination of over 50 years in the Energy Based Healing Modality world and contemporary evolution. Come join and learn to be clear and hold a pristine space for Healing.

Our ability to tune into people at a distance is called distance healing. Distance healing begins with trusting that we are all connected at a vibrational level. We see ourselves as separate, however, we are really all connected by a universal energy field. When we are not bound by our thoughts and beliefs about normal time and space, working (and being in empathetic resonance) with clients is not bound by distance. The challenge is for the rational mind to accept that it does not make a difference if someone is in front of us, or thousands of miles away (John Beaulieu, 2012)..

All classes will be live and recorded. Upon completion students will receive a Distance Healing Academy certificate from Life Energy Institute.