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"The infinite within is ever becoming."

Dr. Randolf Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy

About Craniosacral Unwinding Therapy

Craniosacral Unwinding is a therapeutic modality that offers a specialty training for the body worker, massage therapies, chiropractor, physical therapist, anyone working in the healing arts with the body. It teaches the practitioner how to use their palpation skills (to become present in their hands) to get into harmony, resonance and rapport with the fluidic nature of the body.

It also teaches a thorough treatment of the connective tissue system throughout the body, from the tip of the toes to the top of the head. Students learn how to approach the client with health boundaries, honor the person and their innate healing process, and create a relationship that is noninvasive and client centered. Upon completion of this program students receive a certificate that acknowledges that they have met a basic competency in classical, contemporary and esoteric craniosacral techniques.

Craniosacral therapy is process work which speaks the language of cellular reality. The focus of this system is on garnering the healing energy within the body, which jump starts the person’s own healing ability and process. The craniosacral rhythms are at the core of the body’s pulse; learning to palpate and balance them is like discovering the ebb and flow of the ocean. The student learns to contact the tissue, the rhythm within the tissue, and move with the tissue in a way that honors the way the cells move – getting in touch with the cellular memory – which leads into the places that have become devitalized or overcharged.

The practitioner talks to the tissue, reflects what is in the body and allows the client to interact with the movement of the tissue which gives them a reflection of who they are through the tissue. Through presence and awareness these places become connected back to the primary healing core energy of the body, which is pulsating with the craniosacral (Primary Respiratory Rhythm) rhythm.

A relationship is established between the tissue (which holds much of the unconscious memory) and the core energy in the body. It is through these rhythmic pulsatory craniosacral pathways that subtle energy steps down into the physical tissues of the body nurturing them, bringing healing resonance and enabling them to perform all of the vital biological function in a healthy way. The client thus becomes connected to the primary core of energy (PRR) which enables them to: relax tension, release energy blocks and open the energy pathways in the body, restore balance, and promote revitalization.

Craniosacral work is complimentary adjunctive therapy to any other modality, on the tissue or energetic level., and makes a significant contribution. As the person’s core energy becomes related to the work you have done, the tissue and the consciousness reorganize around the highest intelligence in the body and the work goes out very far into their lives.

“Craniosacral work is the Rolls Royce of bodywork.” – John Beaulieu, ND, Ph.D.

Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding (ICSU) Program

Course Descriptions & Certification Requirements:

  • CranioSacral Unwinding I-V
  • Cranial Anatomy Listening I & II
  • Communication Level I
  • Evaluation
  • Study Group/Clinic

Additional requirements for the ICSU Certification are:

  • Receive 5 sessions from an RPP
  • Complete 30 written case studies, reviewed by an RPP from our Mentorship Program. These 30 case studies are applicable towards the RPP case study requirements.

Craniosacral Unwinding I 

Craniosacral Unwinding is the antidote to the stresses and dis-harmonies created through modern living. It restores our basic nature by literally warming the soul. This empowers the potency from our basic essence to flow through the body and out into life.

In this first class you will learn the anatomy and theory behind the Craniosacral phenomenon and will learn a basic approach to the Craniosacral system that is non-invasive and gets people to quickly relax at very deep level.  This work brings people into alignment with their own CS system and is a new paradigm which empowers the bodyworker to go deeper with less effort.
Cost: $396
24 hrs

Craniosacral Unwinding 2

The techniques in Cranial 2 focus on the bones of the cranial vault, face and mouth and throat. The student will get introduced to the concept of stillpoint and will learn techniques to facilitate this moment of reset in the nervous system.
Learn the proper placement of hands in relation to the craniosacral system and how to use your hands to learn to be in rapport with the craniosacral system.  Discover how the reflex nature between the cranial bones and the pelvis.
Cost: $396
24 hrs

Craniosacral Unwinding 3

Energy digestion is at the heart of life process.  Cranial 3 is a clinical and integrative class that uses the spectrum of cranial techniques to help the practitioner become effective at meeting the clients’ presenting issues, for the purpose of processing the energy patterning to restore health and vital Spinal Energetic Intelligence as the guiding factors for advanced levels of well-being.  Students learn the place for verbal, emotional, and psychological processing.
Cost: $396
24 hrs

Craniosacral Unwinding 4 – Structural Cranial

Structural Cranial is a weave of techniques that span the whole cranial and energetic bodywork continuum, including Vector Axis Alignment and Position Release. Cranial 4 is one of the deepest demonstrations of holding space that there is in the whole Cranial/Polarity field. It teaches you how to apply Einstein’s theory of relativity to the therapeutic encounter. It is elegant and effortless. Park your ego at the door and be amazed at your ability to help clients resolve lifelong issues of pain and trauma with precise Structural Cranial skills of Time and Space.
Cost: $264
16 hrs

Craniosacral Unwinding 5 – Problem Resolution

Learn to clear issues in the body using cranial principals including functional Craniosacral techniques including strain/counter strain and point-of-balance tension.
Cost: $264
16 hrs

Cranial Anatomy & Listening Skills 1

This class covers practical anatomy as it applies to the art and dimension of palpation skills, which is often the difference between beginning and advanced students. Students learn to palpate, propriocept and perceive vital aspects of the cranial system, focusing particularly on the dura mater of the meningal layers.
Cost: $264
16 hrs

Cranial Anatomy & Listening Skills 2

Students will learn to perceive, relieve, and resolve cranial stresses strains and lesions and will learn energetic proprioception of the craniosacral rhythm.
Cost: $264
16 hrs


This class helps students integrate their polarity skills to create balanced sessions, time management skills and appropriate boundaries.  The class also helps prepare students to begins their practice. It focuses on integrating verbal and non-verbal techniques and helps the student learn to focus on the issue and to get to the point with each client they work with. The student also learns how to write up case studies using evaluative and management skills.
Cost: $281
17 hrs


Study Group

In this final class of the program , students will have the opportunity to do an entire session on a client they do not know and to receive reflection and feedback from their instructors and peers.  Each practitioner is encouraged to embrace personal strengths and to meet challenges that unfold during an actual session that is witnessed by others.
Cost: $347
21 hrs