Aroma Yoga® Book and DVD


Aroma Yoga® book

The new 4th Edition of the Aroma Yoga® book  includes three complete essential oil-based yoga classes: Partner exercises, Quantum Leveraging and class sequences for Activating, Restorative and Detoxification.

This AromaYoga® guide is for yoga students, yoga teachers, and anyone who wishes to enhance their wellness practices with the use of essential oil therapy. It recommends essential oils for both beginner and more advanced yoga asanas, as well as for meditations and affirmations for each chakra.  It also provides simple energy exercises derived from Polarity Therapy.

Like yoga, essential oils and plant extracts have been utilized for thousands of years for the purpose of healing, cleansing and balancing the body, mind, and emotions. By combining the use of essential oils with your yoga practice, you may find yourself more physically, mentally and emotionally available for your practice, both on and off the mat.

Contents of the book include:

  • Essential Oil Basics
  • How to use this guide for your yoga practice
  • Corresponding Essential Oils for the Chakras, the Elements, Energy Exercises, Yoga; Asanas, Meditations and Affirmations
  • AromaYoga® Class Outlines and Scripts
  • Essential Oils List


Aroma Yoga® DVD 

Feel empowered to create greater well-being for yourself in any situation! This is not your typical yoga workout video, yet a transformational process to release stress and, while supporting you to come back to your true self.

Aroma Yoga® is a mighty blend of conscious movement, breathing exercises and chakra meditations combined with therapeutic grade essential oils especially designed to help you to let go of what no longer serves, so you can have more peace, inspiration and joy.

After participating in this Aroma Yoga® class from the comfort of your own home, you will feel more energized yet relaxed, uplifted and centered. Discover how quickly you can release pressure and strain and come to a more centered place within.

Aroma Yoga™ DVD and Book


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Includes both the Aroma Yoga™ Guide DVD and Book!