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"The infinite within is ever becoming."

Dr. Randolf Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy

distance healing academy

Distance Healing Academy

Life Energy Institute presents our Distance Healing Academy program 2023.

Life Energy Institute presents our Distance Healing Academy offering courses in Quantum based frequency healing skills and technology for the 21st century.  Join our seasoned Teaching/Practitioner Staff to own your own Life Energy field of being and discover the tools to align and hold Space for others. This Training is the culmination of over 50 years in the Energy Based Healing Modality world and contemporary evolution. Come join and learn to be clear and hold a pristine space for Healing.

Our ability to tune into people at a distance is called distance healing. Distance healing begins with trusting that we are all connected at a vibrational level. We see ourselves as separate, however, we are really all connected by a universal energy field. When we are not bound by our thoughts and beliefs about normal time and space, working (and being in empathetic resonance) with clients is not bound by distance. The challenge is for the rational mind to accept that it does not make a difference if someone is in front of us, or thousands of miles away (John Beaulieu, 2012)..

All classes will be live and recorded. Upon completion students will receive a Distance Healing Academy certificate from Life Energy Institute.

Details on our 2024 Program coming soon!

Distance Healing Academy –  Certificate Program 2023 (172 hours)

  • Holding Space – 16 hours – with Gary Strauss
  • Somatic Coaching Skills I – 24 hours – with Jennifer Sanders & Gary Strauss
  • Release Reset Revision – 6 hours – with Tracy Griffiths
  • Cranial Esoteric Anatomy – 16 hours – with Gary Strauss
  • Tracking & Tracing Energy for Resolution – 24 hours – with Gary Strauss
  • Holographic Touch – 18 hours – with Jennifer Sanders
  • Somatic Coaching Skills II – 24 hours – two classes – John Beaulieu and also a class with Sheva Carr
  • Applied Communication – 6 hours – with Jennifer Sanders
  • Quantum Cranial and Sonic Design – 8 hours – with John Beaulieu
  • Preparation for Virtual Clinic – 6 hours – with Jennifer Sanders
  • Distance Healing Clinic – 24 hours – with Jennifer Sanders & Gary Strauss

    Class Descriptions:

    HOLDING SPACEwith instructor Gary Strauss
    Holding Space teaches a practical way to organize your life energy system to tap into the potency of the natural energy of the world we live in for healing and the optimization of your intentions around all aspects of life. More than a technique, Holding Space offers a practice that can empower you to bring resources and strength to the energetic, digestive processes of life. Holding Space is a way to optimize life-energy based living, bringing greater depth and dimension to any healing practice and modality. This class integrates the tools of holding space into the vast world of distance or remote healing.
    Dates:  January 28 & 29 (total 16 hrs).  To register for this class Click Here



    CRANIAL ESOTERIC ANATOMY  – with instructor Gary Strauss
    This course will teach you the basic principles of energy based esoteric anatomy from head to toe. It will empower you to attune and listen/remotely to the energy of the brain, spine and body as well as the the energy systems of the body from field, to chakra to the nadiis of the energy based infrastructure and their step down anatomical structures. Just learning to listen , view and dialogue is the basis of all energy based healing from the in person to the distance based healing paradigms.
    Dates:  February 10 & 17; March 17 & 24 (total 16 hrs).  To register for this class Click Here


    SOMATIC COACHING SKILLS 1 – with instructors Jennifer Sanders & Gary Strauss
    This class lays the foundation for effective therapeutic communication.  Students will develop and cultivate skills to dialogue and communicate around core challenges and how they relate to the mind/body/spirit continuum.  Practitioners will define their skills in relationship to professional orientation, emotional and process regulation, and resolution of challenges to support Clients in achieving their goals.  Honing and mastering effective therapeutic communication skills is the cornerstone to a successful practice.
    Dates:  March 31, April 7, 14 & 28 (total 24 hrs).  To register for this class Click Here


    TRACKING & TRACING ENERGY FOR RESOLUTIONwith instructor Gary Strauss
    Energy digestion is at the heart of life process. This class uses energy-based processing skills to release life trauma patterning and restore vital health.  Students learn to source, trace, track and process the energy threads beneath the patterns of life.
    Dates:  May 5, 12, 26 & June 2 (total 24 hours)   To register for this class Click Here


    RELEASE RESET REVISION – Fostering Positive Change & Healing with Essential Oils 
    with instructor Tracy Griffiths
    Learn specific protocols that you can use for yourself and with your clients to address negative, traumatic, or upsetting memories and create & anchor a positive vision for the future.

    • Gain an understanding of the limbic system and its role in processing emotions
    • Learn about the nervous system and its role in dealing with stress/trauma
    • Learn about essential oils and how they affect the nervous system + emotional memory
    • Learn a protocol for Polarity Movement with EOs to clear out energy field
    • Learn a protocol for releasing negative/traumatic memories and Future Pacing/Quantum Leveraging a new vision for future
      Dates:  June 14, July 12 & July 26 (total 6 hrs)     To enroll in this classs Click Here
    • ***************************************************************************************

    HOLOGRAPHIC TOUCHwith instructor Jennifer Sanders
    Holographic Touch teaches students how to work within a dimensional hologram of their client’s system.  Learn how to relate to the underlying energetic pattern of a client’s challenge and to create custom treatment plans.  This class will focus on exploring a multidimensional approach to touch utilizing many different mediums and forms of proxy to deliver potent healing work.  Students will gain a deep understanding of the origins of relationship between the body and how to effectively work with them at a therapeutic level.
    Dates:  June 9, 16, & 23 (total 18 hours)  To register for this class Click Here



    SOMATIC COACHING SKILLS 2comprises two classes:

    Sound Healing & Somatic Communication with Dr. John Beaulieu

    A Sound Healing With Tuning Forks Class – Taught As A Integrative Biosonic Sound Healing Clinic

    Somatic Communication is communicating with your felt sense of vibration in order to resolve life challenges and increase wellness. When we over identify positively or negatively with a life experience we lose physical, emotional, and mental flexibility which results in myofascial trigger points, emotional entanglements, and mental looping. We will learn how to tune into the somatic frequencies underlying our life experiences without identifying with the emotions, thoughts, and stories associated with those experiences. Based on our ability to tune into felt body sensations we will learn.
    Dates:  June 3 & 4 –   To learn more and register for this class Click Here


    Can We Cure Trauma and PTSD? with Sheva Carr

    Learn how the synergy of modern neuroscience, Polarity Therapy, HeartMath Research and applied heart intelligence, and the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah and Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians can be shaped into new approaches that provide us pathways to post traumatic growth. Understand how to heal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual trauma at the intergenerational level, epigenetically, from adverse early childhood experiences (ACES), sexual trauma, trauma from natural disasters and human-made disasters such as war, and more. Learn the terrain of trauma to recognize when it is obstructing optimal fulfillment of future potential for you and your clients. Patients and practitioners are both welcome to attend this course, for self-healing and for healing of others.
    Dates: August 11, 18 & 25 –   To learn more and register for this class Click Here


    APPLIED COMMUNICATIONwith instructor Jennifer Sanders
    This class is designed to orient and organize students in applying their Somatic Coaching Skills with finesse and poise.  Students will continue to develop their ability to create custom treatment plans based on client communications and to identify and engage the underlying theme of a client’s challenge. Creating unique, person-specific healing protocols is the foundation of a thriving and effective practice
    Dates:  September 8 & 15 (total 8 hrs).    To register for the class Click Here


    QUANTUM CRANIAL and SONIC DESIGN – The Science and Art of Cerebrospinal Fluid
    A Sound Healing with Tuning Forks class 
    with instructor John Beaulieu
    Dr. Beaulieu will present an integrative vibrational medicine approach to sound healing and cranial balancing through the integration of science and intuition. All existence is vibratory in nature, and it is the underlying vibratory field that sustains everything that exists with structure and form. Quantum science defines a field of vibratory behaviors that are similar the vibratory behaviors observed by healers, musicians, artists, saints, and shaman in all cultures. When the qualitative knowledge of ancient cultures is integrated with the discoveries of quantum science a balanced understanding of healing emerges.
    Dates:  December 8 & 15 (total 6 hours).  To register for this class Click Here



    PREPARATION FOR VIRTUAL CLINICwith instructor Jennifer Sanders  
    Preparation for Virtual Practice –  is designed to support students completing their Distance Healing Academy Certificate and preparing for private virtual practice.  This course will create a cohesive framework to integrate all previously learned skills and techniques into effective therapeutic sessions.  Students will explore and define the cornerstones of their own unique healing arts businesses and learn to expand their practice based on their personal ideals and strengths.  We will explore clinical application and feedback sessions to hone and refine Practitioner skills and awareness’.  This course is the stepping stone from student to Professional Practitioner!
    Dates:  September 22 & 29 (total 6 hours).  To register for this class Click Here


    DISTANCE HEALING CLINICwith instructors  Jennifer Sanders & Gary Strauss
    This offering is an opportunity for students completing their program to practice their work in a clinical environment with live clients.  Students will explore the nuance of integrating all of their skills into a complete therapeutic session. This environment is designed to provide a plethora of feedback and to cultivate self-exploration into our relationship to Distance Healing.
    Dates:  October 20 & 27 PLUS November 3 & 10 (total 24 hours).  To register for this class Click Here


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    Full program tuition:  $3,440 one time payment – to pay in full Click Here

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