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"The infinite within is ever becoming."

Dr. Randolf Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy

Gary Strauss’s Blog

The Goodness

In my morning meditation and sahdna today I connected to a realization that everything was opening according to plan. In fact that everything was perfect. I had a realization of all the events and things that were happening were leading exactly to the highest good of...

Life Energy Sadhna

A pathway in relationships through understanding all things Our teachers tell us that relationship is the pathway of realization.  Our energy pulses organically with nature as if we were trees.  Trees and growth in the forest resonate in frequency and...

We Can Only See So Far

In my classes I often teach the theory of relativity.  It is up there amongst the best thoughts I have ever engaged. I share with my students that we only perceive within a narrow bandwidth of the total frequencies that exist and that the work we do is opening us...

The Spiritual Healing Arts Therapist

It strikes me that so many people drawn to the Healing Arts professions are on a quest for a spiritual pathway. Today, at dawn, I sat in in a forest of thousands year-old growth where people have come for millennia to connect with Spirit.  I sat inside a sacred...


Early morning lite sparks grand central to life Feet shoes of all different callings going everywhere with purpose The smell of fresh coffee made for Yorkers adrenal sufficiency Slush and ice steam and fresh air slow cabs accents No city bike this morn – there all...

Morning Musing from the Frozen Wilderness

  Degrees below with wind and sky Ice on the road my bike passes by A pigeon challenges a yellow The loss of life isn’t missed Frost on my whiskers A tear in my eye The fragile and ferocious Wilderness am I

Wake up – it’s the year of the Rooster

Ok.  We live in polarized times.  What are you going to do about it?   Revenge is also a Buddhist philosophy.   “How so?” you might ask.   A way to build equanimity is to take the emotional experience of the moment and find a way to honor it.  In other...

Energetic + Shamanic Overtones of Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding

The Energetic & Shamanic Overtones of Craniosacral Bodywork I have been working as a teacher and practitioner in the energy based healing arts for over 35 years. I would say this is one of the most rewarding decisions I have made in my life. They say in Energy...

Gratitude for the Moisture

Spring has sprung in California. The rains of winter have brought the greens and florals to life here. After so many parched and dry years my Cecile Brunner rose bush (more like a tree at 100 years old) otherwise known as Rosie, has come back to life in a robust and...

Gratitude – North door

Registered Polarity practitioner   I have been training ptactitioners for over 30 years. Year in and year out. It has been a privilege and an honor to have people trust my channel and the knowledge that it transmits. It has been a work to spend years in training...


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