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Life Energy Institute

"The infinite within is ever becoming."

Dr. Randolf Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy

Los Angeles

Polarity Therapy and Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding™ classes in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Classes 2023

Cranial Anatomy & Listening Skills ISeptemberSaturday & Sunday
September 23-24
20239:30am - 6:30pm16Gary StraussTemescal CanyonRegister
Aromatherapy - Spinal RenewalOctoberSunday, October 1st20239:30am - 6:30pm16Tracy GriffithsTemescal CanyonRegister
Polarity IOctoberSaturday & Sunday
October 7 & 8
20239:30am - 6:30pm16Tracy GriffithsTemescal CanyonRegister
Communication I
Resonance & Relations
OctoberSaturday & Sunday
October 21-22 &
October 28-29
20239:30am - 6:30pm32Tracy GriffithsTemescal CanyonRegister
Polarity IINovemberFri, Sat & Sun
November 10-12
November 17-19
20239:30am - 5:30pm42Tracy GriffithsTemescal CanyonRegister
Cranial Anatomy & Listening Skills IIDecemberSaturday & Sunday
December 9-10
20239:30am - 6:30pm16Gary StraussTemescal CanyonRegister