For me Polarity is an ongoing journey that feeds my way of life. It inspires me to be a better human being by living my life in alignment with Life Energy principles. Dr. Stone was a seeker of truth in his pursuit of finding the truth for helping people. He has left us a lineage of energy-rich practical wisdom that we may contemplate, explore and apply for the rest of our lives. This is the way he found and in kind we discover for ourselves. Living a life based on Life Energy principles helps us to evolve. My practice as a practitioner as well as being a teacher, mentor and source of Life Energy based understandings has given me the way to be here on the earth and lead an honorable life. Helping others to find this is a way to keep it alive and fresh. I am constantly inspired by how this way continues to unfold and serve me and my relations. Thank you Dr. Stone and all the seekers of truth and evolution. ~Gary