Lately I have been contemplating the journey of healing that my clients and students go through. I usually describe the process as  phenomenological.  As the energy of the work we do begins to be released into the system of the body-mind and the world around that system, it necessitates life change and often disruption.  Going from the old state where the life energy was held in a pattern that expressed the state which the client or student came to you for, to a new more evolved state, is a journey of a thousand steps. The client/student will be on the hero’s journey.  As a practitioner/teacher I have come to revere and be in awe at how life unfolds out of this sacred contract. It is uncommon and builds the character necessary to hold the more evolved self that is a result of the work we have done coming out of the practitioner/teacher and student/ client paradigm.  To witness this makes me grateful for all the people who have entrusted me with this honor.