I was sharing in a class how traveling has given me the opportunity to live my vision of the work that I do. I was also sharing that every time I go somewhere it becomes a journey/event that moves my life. I am sure I came from Nomadic origins – I love the feeling of opening to the next chapter – this has been part of my way to bring what I have to new people and continue the development with people who have stayed with me over the years.

it has been deeply rewarding and continues to be even as I contemplate doing less of it these days. It is a part of  my practice to continually open new doors. I had a vision of doing this over thirty years ago while journeying through the himalayas and it has never stopped unfolding.

Whenever I do a teaching and hold space individually and collectively for growth, development and unfoldment I experience the vision of the work.

I receive so much conscious and visceral visioning through doing what I am doing with people. So in this last trip I got a bit clearer on the journey and some of the next steps. I was sharing with my advanced students In an energetic Business class that we have to chop wood and carry  water to honor our Visionary Intent (and they say you always teach what you have to learn). I also shared that I am a reluctant visionary – I am careful and even holding back when it comes to setting new intentions, because once you set it it puts in place all the events and necessary to change your vibrational.

It is clear tho that I have in my hands a new intention to create a  Master Level Polarity Training program that for  our school in Arizona – Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts – SWIHA. I think this is the first time I have written this on paper – uh oh here we go. I actually have been working on it for a while and just taught a new class Advanced Clinical Energetics that will become a series of it. It was a class on the development of Clinical energetic skills to deal with the conditions that clients are presenting.

I believe it went really well and could feel how it could progress into a whole track. You know when you hear yourself complaining about something over and over again and it has passion well, then your in trouble because it means you will have to do something about it. So I heard myself say that so much of our education is about learning and application of principles and very little of it is about how to get it into the world so that it can work for you and help you to live in the visionary intent of your soul’s purpose (this is actually a journey that needs a great deal of resource and activation).

We do it a bit in classes in our program and it is time to make a deeper commitment to it. We actually teach a great deal of these things as electives and putting it together in a mastery tract will honor the work and help the practitioner take it to the next level. I have spoken with practitioners/teachers and administrators about it and now I have written it – Now its time to chop the wood and carry the water.