Be the action of your intent and then be open to finding it.  Life is meant to be a creative experience –  spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically.

I say this all the time, that “I heard spirit talking the other day”, and usually what I mean is that I was in a state of energetic opening and this is what came to me. What comes to me sometimes feels as though it is coming from elsewhere and then other times as if someone is talking to me.

So with that said, I heard spirit talking the other day, telling me to become the commitment to actions in all the directions of what is important to me in life – whether it be climate change or riding my bike, take actions when I can to move the energy in the directions of my intents. Forget about the outcome and just focus on enjoying the acts and harvest the bliss.

Even as I write these words I can feel my energy get more resonant and I hear my guides saying “yes”.  I repaired some roofing yesterday, and helped a sick friend the other day and am going out of my mental way to be in my energy way with the things I care about. Thinking twice before I would normally push it away for comfort reasons and through the acts, I am becoming more potent in my living, garnering integrity with each new act and helping all of my relations through conscious acts of intent.

It has me doing things that are in my visionary path that I wasn’t doing before and that is changing my shape and the shape of the world around me. I think it is a time to be on your track and really find ways to pursue what gives you juice and what is meaningful – in this reverie for me there are no “I Can’ts”,  just more possibilities and decisions to honor intention through action.

I wanted to do something to honor my ancestors – when I got to the cemetery,  I realized how many of them were there.  Not only did I visit my immediate family, I also visited the family of all of my friends and then began visiting previously thought of strangers that were actually all part of my tribe.  By the time I finished at the cemetery, I felt as if I had visited everyone there and that the whole of my ancestry was resonating with me – wow did that blow me away.

Be the action of your intent and then be open to finding it.  ~Gary