On the beach in the morning, the water was exceptionally glistening in the early sunlit moments of the blue moon descending. I remembered living under the mentorship of Aristotle and how contemplation was the art that opened the doorways to the dimensions of life.  The environment softened my senses enough to open my consciousness, as I walked with Bella, my canine partner.  So easy to slip in and out of awareness of life in past, present and future.  I am still the student, still in the contemplation, still awakening to the space in-between and around all the things.

This has been a journey of exploration of the space-time continuum.  I am the lead student guiding the other students, aspiring to open the doorways of knowledge so that we can all awaken together.  Somehow the “together” has been so important to me.  Being a student and helping other students goes back for me a long way.  This life is another opportunity to try and perfect it. Perhaps this writing thing is for all the students, to help them to remember – that is what it has felt like …remembering.  I have searched for the meaning of it and the deepest thing that I can say is that so many people have asked me for this.  Perhaps that is the best reason for it.

I had a teacher in this life named Luigi.  At an early age he was in a life altering car accident. Finding himself paralyzed in a hospital bed, with doctors telling him he would never walk  let alone dance again, was all he needed to find the emotional intelligence to do something exceptional – heal his body.  Luigi went on to heal his body and to help thousands of people over the years to reclaim their bodies, their lives and their inspiration for being alive. I once brought him a women in a wheelchair who had just had a stroke and was paralyzed from it.   He just smiled and called her sweetheart, and went over to her and took her hands, lifting her up as if levitating, and got her to walk like it was the most natural thing.

When asked what it was that he did to heal himself he would say that he discovered the space around his body and through the discovery he found movement.  The challenges of our lives are often the catalyzing pieces that bring us to a growth and realization that gets us to encounter the potency and meaning of life.  Luigi was forever an incredible space and resource for those in need of rehabilitation and renewal.  To this day my love for him feels supernatural. Reality opens to us as we open to it, and having reason to open is the most compelling catalyst for self-discovery and awakening.  ~Gary