I arrived at the Kobe airport in early morning on the 2nd of May.  As I reunited with Kyoko, my longtime friend and Japanese emissary, I felt like I was coming home.  So strange to feel so much home here after all these years.  I felt embraced by the land, mountain and sea like a long lost sailor returning.  It reminds me, so many years on the road teaching Polarity, bringing my work to people waiting with such reverence.  Zen pervades every moment now and I am amazed yet again at the experience of being so embraced by this place, these people, this energy.  I have so much gratitude for how I have been able to live this life and all the people I have had the honor to meet and work with.

Many years ago I was in a Buddhist meditation center deep in the jungles of Sri Lanka. After spending several weeks immersed in meditation, I had a realization of being a monk in a past life and the jungle began to embrace me like I was home again. I felt the choice that I could stay there and spend my life as a monk in meditation, it was so seductive like falling into a sweet dream and not coming out.   I awoke with a realization- that was an old life and in this life I was to take it on the road and bring it as I have been.  Coming here to Japan right now reminds me of how I have been bringing it ever since.  Monk on Wheels or Monk To Go – however you like it, that is how it has felt, and in these moments with such reverent people in this high mountain retreat, I am touched by the journey and threads of my destiny and how they have been nourished. So grateful – such a good life – Thank you to all of my relations, all the directions, and all the dimensions.  Aho ~Gary