I have a habit of finding my meditation in the deep purple of night, a throwback from waking at three a.m. for morning meditation. I had a strong conversation with Spirit about taking back my medicine from places that I had left it.  It was a very potent listening and journeying – I am sure that the deep purple time helped. The middle of classic dream time is a great moment to journey consciously and tune in (hard to remember). After my download and resurrecting experience I heard Spirit say –

“now that you are feeling reclamation and you are remembering yourself and hearing how to go forward and what you need to do,

Don’t get lost in Other People’s Dreams“.

It felt like manna from heaven – often potent things are.  We lose ourselves in the world around us all the time.  I mean, we are not the world around us, just part of it. From politics to economics to war, not to mention famous people, we lose ourselves so easily. We begin to think the thoughts of the culture and become too much of it.  Then there are our friends, family, workers, bosses, lovers, enemies, churches, dogs, cats, substances, experiences and all the things we either love or hate that it is so easy to give our energy to and become lost to.  We are truly not any of these things and, as the external becomes louder and more striking, we loose bits of our way/potency and it becomes so easy to loose ourselves to external reality and be living the dreams of those things for good or bad.

I actually think that this process of getting lost is quite natural – I don’t think I have ever just been with it the same way so succinctly over time. We don’t even know we are in the dream field of these things around us and we are living those dreams. (Now, you might say that you like living in other people’s places or things/dreams and maybe that is even a way for us to help cultivate our own dreams.  I would have to agree because everything has its own intelligence and reason for existing and so does this loosing oneself story). And over time of doing this our soul becomes remotely tethered to things that do not actually nourish it.  The things that nourish our own soul are the things of our own dreams – our own garden if you like.  We need our own way to help us get back and remember who and what we are so that we can find our way to do what we need to do that honors the uniqueness of our own channel here on the planet.

To me that is being a spiritual warrior and describes a path that is uncommon. I think that it takes more and more discipline to extricate oneself from the onslaught and find the spiritual shower to cleanse and renew the soul. Having a practice or way – a set of behaviors with nature and your body seems like a good start, and trying to be in the moment of your life and meet it is very potent.

Everything that shows up in your life in the present moment is the opportunity to meet yourself on the road of your own unique spiritual unfolding and the way to find the reclamation.  How perfect it can be when we find the potency of life in the very present and it wakes us to ourselves and who we are.  I think we are all clamoring to become more of ourselves through the Maya of life, to find ourselves through the illusions of other people’s dreams and discover the hero’s journey, resurrecting what has been lost or buried, releasing what is inessential and taking back the potent self from the within to the without.

I have adopted a thought/philosophy that the very best thing we could do while we are here is to find our way and that is all everyone is trying to do anyway. Whether that is accurate or not it works for me and I am sticking to it. When I am on the road in my way, I am one happy camper, excited about living each day and each moment.
Thank you Great Spirit and all the guides and supporters of this way/channel.  I am deeply grateful for the wake-up in the deep purple. ~Gary