Back in Topanga woke to the early morning sun gently piercing through a field of fog. Back from japan two weeks still not back – even as I walk the dogs this morning in gratitude for where I am and all that I have Japanese healing guides whisper to me through a zen filter of green leaves and moist air – heaven and earth are. We are so filled with life and moments open and expand when we pause in our motion and appreciate whatever it is

At the end of my Nihonjin stay I was doing sessions Locco Mountain, Kobe overlooking the bay and islands of the sea of Japan, a typhoon came up and battered the trees and buildings reminding me of the trauma that had passed through and was experiencing in the bodies of the people who were coming for sessions.I got word that My good and dear friend Tom Griffiths was dying at that very moment back in the U.S. A young woman who I had trained for many years and had been volunteering to work with tsunami and quake victims came for a session.

She couldn’t sleep and was filled with pain and trauma in her own body from touching all the people she did polarity sessions with. We gently opened her space to let her energy breathe and one by one the traumas left her body – mind  – field. She began sobbing – her breath eased and tensions dissipated – her guides and ancestors were happy as she reclaimed her space and came back to her deeper self being nourished through heaven and earth. The Typhoon seemed to become still – we were in the eye – everything was suspended in time and space.

She hugged me hard and thanked me from the bottom of her soul with tears of Joy and let me know she was ready to go back out and continue her work – Tom passed – and I felt that all was well in the world in those moments. Arrigatou Nihonjin Watashiwa genki des – oneguyshimasu – watashiwa arroukitai