I am living in the awareness of how I serve and what i contribute and the expression of that through the way i am being. I ask the question what is the right way to be related and how do I be in my life with integrity that honors all of the relations . I never have one answer it always feels relative to me. Maybe the commonality is that when I feel that I am then I am. As i become more challenged it becomes more interesting. The challenges always feel as though they are touching my inner framework of being and when I begin too find my way with my inner framework I begin to have that feeling again. So much of the time I feel we are floating or bouncing around in our lives subject to the vissicitudes. and I love that feeling of finding my way through my life. Like there is a thread or road and when i get back on it it feels right. In these days so many challenges – life is speeding up – gives the opportunity to move through so much in such a short period of time. I open to my way (different then anyone else’s) and lo and behold potency is released life opens and my visionary intent becomes evident in a manifest way. Dalai Lama says its good to have a way and, anyway is a good way. I have gotten my way through Integrative Polarity and Craniosacral paradigms that have lead me to hold space for others in the unfolding of their lives. You get what you give. Being in the unfoldment is very much like being in grace for me a state of being with a deep quality of Equanimity