Gifts and blessings – that is what I heard the other day in my meditation – gifts and blessings.

I know it is not always fun on the Earth plane and it sometimes feels cruel and unusual.  In the Kahuna way, they have a tradition where they say yes to everything that comes their way. Everything is a spiritual moment for us to digest and often the deeper, harder ones unleash the greatest amount of potency for our lives. This doesn’t necessarily make me happier when the heavy stuff happens or when I feel like life is difficult.  It does, however, change the way that I relate to what is going on and then in turn, change the way I feel and experience the difficulty.

I don’t always get to shift in relation to the challenges of life but when I am able, then reality changes and I have a different experience.  I start to have  a little bit of the knowing that everything is ok the way it is and then life begins to open up again, or more accurately, I begin to open up to life again. This is the sign that I am digesting my life experience, when I begin to feel more open again and it is usually the precedent that then transforms the moment and brings me back to that deeper feeling and realization of blessings and gifts.  In Japan they have a saying that translates to: thank you for what you are about to do in the future – I love it so much.

These are the most potent of times we live in. The Hopi elders tell us to get our lives in order and clear up issues around our relations in life.  We are at a time of new beginnings and unwritten or unfixed outcomes. Time to be on purpose and in what is important. When is it not?

I just finished five days in Arizona, training teachers in our program called Seat of the Master Teacher.  I was surrounded by people who have gone out of their way to learn a teaching method and become accountable to the student community according to the structure of our transmission style of teaching.  Everyone who participated brought their A-game with integrity and commitment. It was stunning.  I am still unwinding from the experience and in so much awe of the level of dedication that everyone brought.

This has been one of the deepest moments for me in terms of people really going out on the edge of their growth,  with willingness and integrity.   I salute all of you.  Out of the hubris of these moments came a project to earth all of our teaching materials for our teaching community – The Earthing Project. I feel so fortunate to be participating in a community of like-minded individuals who are bringing so much integrity into action.  Makes me want to say,  Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations). Thank you for all the gifts and blessings.