I have had the unique privilege of training and working with Holding Space Polarity and Cranial Therapies here for the last thirty years and I am deeply grateful. It touches me deeply to be able to continue this journey and find people that are hungry and in need of what I have to offer.  Thank you to all the students and clients that keep giving me the opportunity to bring this work to New York City. Our classes and my session time with clients went just impeccably and I am deeply grateful to all of the above.

Let me also thank the creator for all of this – I feel Blessed and amazed in my experience of this journey and what I am able to experience. I know that the classes and sessions that we all created together were cutting edge for me – so much of the time I felt connected to all things through the field of our interactions. I am continually amazed at the quality of connectedness and realization that shows up in the space and the intelligence that permeates it for all of us to evolve , heal and learn from. These are some of the deepest experiences of realization that I have as we co-create the calling & activation and intelligizing of our biofield for growth, learning, healing and to become better human beings.  Everyone’s intentions were deeply received. The opening of the space and everyone’s attunement feeding the field and helping to elevate the intelligence in the room continues to astound me. It is as if we are all in the akashic record together in an agreement to support each other for the highest good and the power and potency have been extraordinary – maybe it is just the time on the earth. And, it makes me look forward to the training we will do in New York in the fall – I believe it will be very powerful.  ~Gary