Teacher Training is Graduate School for Life. I heard myself expressing this the other day and thought other people needed to hear it. In the world I live in being a teacher is one of the highest things you can do. Serving other people with the intention of uplifting or helping them evolve is high purpose. Probably ALL THE PRACTITIONERS I HAVE EVER TRAINED HAVE BEEN TRAINED WITH THAT INTENT IN MIND.

Entering into a program to learn how to teach is the advanced/graduate level of serving people. Learning to become a teacher is learning to take your own space. Becoming a teacher is taking command of your space, your voice, your channel, your relation to the akashic, in order to serve other people.

Doing Teacher Training is the quickest way I know to become empowered in who you are, what you have to say. You have to learn to take your space and channel yourself as a teacher. That ends up empowering you to be yourself.

Students who are completing their studies often ask me: What about teacher training? I try not to encourage them because I think that timing is very important when it comes to taking a deep step to empower yourself. It is not so much about acquiring new knowledge exterior to the self as it is about finding the roadway of your interior and exterior self. I think that is why our teachers are admired–because they have done this journey and now possess themselves.

I think it is something you do if you want to become empowered within yourself with all that you are and all that you have acquired. It is Graduate School for Life. ~ Gary