Spring has sprung in California. The rains of winter have brought the greens and florals to life here. After so many parched and dry years my Cecile Brunner rose bush (more like a tree at 100 years old) otherwise known as Rosie, has come back to life in a robust and scented fashion. Between her and her little cousin Jasmina, the vibration in our school has been finely tuned with fairies and elves feverishly following suit.

I find myself feeling so much gratitude for the moisture that has brought life back and realize how we didn’t really get how dry things were. As with any issue in life the more we adapt, the less we are aware of its impact. In my moments of gratitude, nature feels like it is urging ever more forward to open my heart wider and let go into life. AS this happens I feel as though I would like to be of greater service with a lot more yes.

At LEI we are spring cleansing and reinventing ourselves through revitalization and resourcing – everything is in flux and change is on the horizon.

We are contemplating committing ourselves to a new round of teacher training, new advanced teaching programs and travels. Between Topanga Canyon, California and Wengen, Switzerland we are dreaming and adventuring into life.

When I ask myself what does it mean to have a greater yes , to be of more service – my answers are interesting.

To me right now it means – replenishing my bones, tuning more ferociously to the energetic continuity of our world and the world around, above below and beyond us, being more heart oriented with less resistance,  flowing more fluidly with all of my relations and being true to my word in a responsive yet responsible manner that honors all things.  All of this in all directions through all time.

I look forward to meeting those of you I will connect with through classes, sessions and journey’s as well as those of you that are always awake in the connections that we share beyond these paradigms.

Thanks for Listening.