Registered Polarity practitioner


I have been training ptactitioners for over 30 years. Year in and year out. It has been a privilege and an honor to have people trust my channel and the knowledge that it transmits. It has been a work to spend years in training and mentoring with students and teachers to help people evolve and find the space to hold to help others. You could say this is the ultimate product in our line, the full package. It generally takes a great deal of commitment by all parties. The school and its admin, the students and their family the teachers and program directors as well as the national and state bodies that honor these trainings.


A the end of each training practitioners do a session in front of their peers and receive feedback on their strengths, weaknesses and overall medicines. When we watch these sessions for me it is like looking at the results of all of our work in one moment. If you were a cook you would see smell and taste the meal. As a teacher I get to watch listen and intuit how well our trainings worked and be in the experience of the results. I usually forget all about this till I get there and experience it all over again. It is a deep moment watching your students that you have mentored over many years do their work in front of you and the community as they display their knowledge and skill.


For several years I have been personally nurturing a group of students in NYC. They are all really mature, deeply skilled and highly informed human beings. This is why it has been such an honor to train and witness them. Because of the intelligence in the room the classes and trainings have been exquisite experiences. At the end of this training we are all left wanting more. I am savoring these feelings knowing that we just completed our journey. They will naturally and necessarily find more of their way on their own. And in the moment I am in the north door of the medicine wheel in appreciation for the journey and in awe of the intelligence that has permeated our time together and how we have all become better human beings for it.

It is a good day – thank you