I was just in NYC finishing a training at the NYC Open Center which went really well. I deeply honor all the people who participated as well as the teaching assistants and staff at the OC. Great for a teacher to experience the fruition of your work by watching/feeling your students do what you have taught them. Om Mane Padme Om.
While I was there I did an Intro for my work called Clinical Energetics at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Cynthia Neipris holds space for my work there and we put it up at the last minute to support my Class coming up this Summer. It was the first week of classes and we didn’t expect much of a turnout. Turned out there were about 60 people who showed – standing room only. I was amused so was Cynthia. In the course of the evening in trying to explain how Holding Space engages the innate intelligence of the life energy system of the body we opened up a space for healing and everyone, I believe was touched by the activation of their own innate intelligence. It was a powerful moment. i walked away having the awareness that we are hungry for healing/intimate meaningful contact and ways of relating that restores nature and creates integrity. As a culture and a species we thrive on a space that is informed and and honors the dimensions of life – it creates a palpable sense of interconnectedness – I think this is the direction of our evolution. I was so touched by it. We are hungry.