I hope all is well in your worlds and for those of you who have been holding space for friends, family and situations on the planet, I thought I would share a little of what I have been doing. These are the most creative of times and the opportunities to be potently expressive seem more open. As the structures of old fade and chaos and creative energies are released, comes the moments where we can become clearer to what is important to ourselves and become more of what we want to be in the world. We are all very potent and using it is our birthrights. Here is a thought on how I have been using it.

Recently in my life, I have heard Spirit tell me to become more helpful to those around me – usually I say that I thought I have been helping just fine and then I go OK, I get it, and I just listen and do what I am getting about how I am being here – if Spirit says become more unconditional in how you serve, then when the opportunities come I pursue them. It is a deeply interesting sadhana to follow what comes up when you make a committment to something. The short story is that I have been helping people in all different ways with money, service dialogue, whatever resource seems required in the moment, I have been offering it up – it is not always wanted so I try and check my agenda and ego at the door and just enjoy the offering when I hear it.

One of the places it has been effective has been holding space for my relations in Japan. We have been sending them things that they need, connecting with them and listening and also helping their relations back here in the U.S. Beyond the normal actions of helping with physical measures I also in my daily practice have been opening my meditative space and offering the Heaven and Earth that I hold to all who would like to come and share the space with me, to get whatever it is they need. I go into my morning meditation and when I feel a sense of neutrality, I think of my relations and the countries and/or the world and/or the cosmos and one by one I offer up the channel that I am holding to any of my relations that are in need or would like to come and share the channel that I hold, so that whomsoever it is might come and get what it needs from this space. In all the years that I have practiced this it has never let me down. It has always provided a way for me to feel connected in a good way and make offers on an unconditional level. And then often to my surprise this action supports the unfoldment of my relations as well as the situation e.g. person, place or thing, in its evolutionary movement.

I have to tell you this is often the most powerfull skill I have cultivated. I never wish or try to heal things from a sense of ego. I always just offer up a neutral space of energetic openness to whatever it is that I am holding the space for. I just sit and witness whatever goes on in my imagination in the meditation and one by one or group by group offer it up. In the Ho’oponopono, Joe Vitale says that if you open your relations to the things you are wanting to bring potency to, they become free and often get the juice they need to unwind according to their own visionary intent. I just love being able to participate in a neutral way with the world around us that contributes and helps things to become more of what they need to be. We are all so very potent in who we are and become more so when we pursue and find functional ways to be effective in our relations to the world around us. Thanks for listening – this is one of the things I heard to do – was just to share with you my practice of Holding the Space with the things that I care about. ~Gary