Many of my students/community have asked me to Blog/Facebook the events as I journey to Japan as they have all felt touched by what has happened there.

I have been bringing some healing medicine to Japan for several years now and am about to make another trip this evening. I think that we all have to ask ourselves deep questions about what is important in our lives. My relations in Japan and the country land sea and space have touched me deeper and deeper each time I go. So, when all of what has happened there began it put me into a deep state of listening and heightened my sense of ritual movement for all of life that I am related to. The events of our lives are like touchstones of the soul’s journey and this has been a potent one.

In my morning meditation yesterday I heard many crows  and wondered what was going on – I thought that spirit was talking to me about what was coming as I was getting ready to leave for Japan. I took my dog  Bella for a Walk  and when we came upon the crows they were wildly diving at an animal that looked like a cat stuck in a fence. It turned out to be an Owl and its eyes were still blinking. I felt called to Hold Space for the Owl and honor him in his moment of need, so i fended off the crows and called the Topanga animal rescue. I waited for Susan Clark to arrive and when she did this is what transpired

Click Here to see the Amazing Owl rescue

I am still listening t0 this and feel deeply touched by spirit and the medicine of the Owl – I will keep you posted as it unfolds.