From May 28th
I am a guest in someone else’s land a visitor taken in warmly with respect and consciousness – in fact revered, held in esteem and honored for who I am and what I bring. I am continually touched by the heartfelt kindness. I feel as though I have connected with something that is ancient and universal – it is alive in everything as if everyone here knows it and it is a great secret.I feel often in Kobe that I am sitting with original people who`s lineages are all intact and who`s gene pool has been little disturbed through the echo of time. The earth has cracked open here and it is signalling a new time and a new moment  in our journey on this planet. Wherever I have been I hear spirit talking to me about the way and the earth and the moment here and everywhere – it is simple and clear everything as it should be reality unfolding moment by moment for everyone at once.

I realize so much of this journey is about me and my way and doing what I have to do and it has fit so well in here at this time , this land, these people, i feel like a true foreigner arriving in a brand new land with ancient strings connecting everything. I am deeply grateful for this journey – my way with it – I feel so dimensionally alive and unfolded close to the earth and hearing everything. I know that being here is shifting all of my relations – all of my world in alignment with all that is and ever will be.