In the spirit of Dr. Randolph Stone  I lay the words down that have been fed to me through the channel he has inspired. As a seeker of truth, evolution and dimensional awareness I recognize something in the universe that has spoken to me that I will share and hand down so that others who come after me might find these experiences more easily and with greater affinity. I think making the way for others has long been a part of the growth and development of ones soul.

Polarity has been a beacon in the harbor of a vast ocean of life that continually guides me to the places and experiences of this PLACE I call home. Polarity is about the science – study and application of Lifeenergy based principles. Lifeenergy is the energetic / frequency based aspect of our beings that helps to integrate all of our experiences and dimensions.

I believe that what I practice is an integrated approach to the energetic healing arts that is in the lineage and inspiration of Dr. Randolh Stone. After all I believe that is what he did as well so  am in right company. I have a suspicion that many bodyworkers, energy workers etc are doing similar things. I think we are living in the age of integration.

I think that in order to be alive and healthy that we need to be listening to what is important in current time and be serving that. Right now it is writing about this new incarnation of Integrated Polarity and my journey to once again hold a program for the work that I do here in NYC.  It will be at the NYC Open Center and it will be a current version of how I experience and see this work based on how I use and do it today. That interests me and it also puts me to work to adjust, adapt and develop new teaching materials to meet the moment.  I think a great sign of health is meeting, greeting and listening to what you feel it means to be true to the present through your deeds actions and expressions – the yoga of action. By listening to and being present to what is true for me around this and then finding my way to honor and bring it into realty, I believe I am being true to my soul and activating my life’s purpose.

Some of this can be explained and understood and then must be experienced to really be gotten. Most of what we experience or know is not that well understood when we consider the full expanse of what is and so it is with Polarity.

In fact I think that Polarity by its nature is one of these explorations that opens up our relation to the larger expanse of what is. My generation as others in history before was fascinated by opening up doorways to what is.  For me just contemplating this is like contemplating God or spirit. The vastness of the contemplation connects me to all things and I start to have a great feeling through the contemplation. Polarity has been a way for me to enter into this contemplation from a visceral and direct sense – making knowledge something that is coming from my experience. It has been a thread through my life that has helped me to find a good way on the planet and be here with integrity.  I believe it has been similar for the clients, students, practitioners and teachers I have mentored.

~Gary Strauss