Japan2Just entering into the year of the horse – feels like a strong year, most ambitious in recent time.  I have four Registered Polarity Practitioner programs that I am involved with at the same time,  Japan, New York, Los Angeles and Arizona. I was just in Japan, learning humility and mentoring RPP’s to maturity. I am about to go to New York and Arizona. Usually I hold one or maybe two a year. RPP represents our view of what it takes to become a Polarity Practitioner in the world. And now with the addition of the Board Certification Process (an examination process to certify RPP’s)  it feels that all of this has been taken to another level of integrity and potency.

I find myself wanting to bring what I do to another level of expression. I generally always reinvent the next movement and now I feel a sense of power that is motivating. My last two groups of RPP’s in Arizona are studying to take the BCPP exam and I am involved with helping them to find how they can empower themselves to take the exam. I have a new group of teacher trainees becoming teachers and learning how to hold the beginning levels of our work. I love change and the idea that we can do something to make ourselves more responsive and better human beings is exciting.

I always think that it is vital to resource our relations in life and what we care about as it makes everything a little more real and interesting and the next moment seems brand new to me. Even if I am teaching a class that I have taught a 100 times before I always try to find it in present time and how it unravels/unfolds in a new group of people. Feels like it adds presence and vitality to present time. In the Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding class I am currently teaching, my students expressed that they felt as though the class was a Cranial Session and that being in the room was a gift. Funny I felt that being with such a loving and gracious group of students made me  a better teacher and made me appreciate the work and the opportunity to teach it so much more.  I am always sourcing the next class, movement and journey – what is this and I love this work – it is astounding. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to teach and continually have students. I always teach in the moment and am in inquiry of how the work is coming through me into life and what it is about – how am I being informed based on the people who are here.

I realize that I unfold reality in the present a lot and it feels like life is becoming in and out of my class in general. I am free to be with it as it is and in the moment of this I have been feeling blessed to be able to live like this and in this way. It has me wondering, it seems I’ve mostly felt like this in life, and more so as I have gotten older. I am excited at the idea of this moment and the next one’s coming. I am grateful for this journey and just want to say thank you.