I hadn’t realized how deep this journey would become and now in the midst of it I am a bit stunned by the alignment and events that have unfolded. I feel so held through Heaven and Earth here. I spent the first two days visiting sacred sights in the mountains of Besso Nagano asking for permission to come and bring my medicine here.

I felt as tho I was greeted with love and compassion by all. From the friendly folk who housed and fed us to the lovely healing waters of the Onsen everything has just felt right. The teaching went so well everyone received what they came for. My healing sessions have been infused with guides that feel familiar and are so benevolent. The potency is palpable.

Everyone that has received a session from me with Kyoko San translating has had miraculous kinds of experiences. I arrived in Tokyo yesterday and I began receiving people, many of them have been traumatized by the earthquake/tsunami and radiation happenings. They are being cleansed and purified in my space and I am being guided by the guides from Nagano and my guides on how to help them.

People come in in trauma and leave brand new. I am so deeply touched by the work and the realization that I have and am on a pilgrimage to honor what has happened here and what is happening on the planet. I am very peaceful and feel like a fully utilized vehicle for healing.