A pathway in relationships through understanding all things

Our teachers tell us that relationship is the pathway of realization.  Our energy pulses organically with nature as if we were trees.  Trees and growth in the forest resonate in frequency and correspondence with each other.  As in our lives symbiotic and supportive relations flourish in harmonious ways, while challenging relations create other opportunities for growth that often cause life to explore new possibilities.  So many times people say oh I hate that person or they are causing so much turmoil in my life (I have done my share).  However, the most challenging situations are where new energy can come from. I think, according to the intentions we set in conscious and unconscious ways we draw to us the situations/people etc. required to liberate the energy needed to fulfill those intentions.

Clients and students alike come to a session and or a class with various scenarios of energy resonance and dissonance.  Their aim is to at least feel better and also to evolve.  Through the eases and challenges of life we grow in resonant and dissonant ways.  These are the laws of cause and effect, yin and yang, positive and negative.  In our teachings we call this the Polarity of life that shapes our life energy and then our body according to our mind, emotions and frequency based being.  We definitely espouse and cultivate the neutral pole as a way to anchor life.  Polarity has provided a way for me in life that has all at once made life make sense. It is a simple way to understand everything in terms of positive, negative and neutral.  We in the West love resonance, in the East they respect dissonance and in many Energy traditions they prize neutrality.

Often people in our culture complain of dissonance in life with our culture, with people, with their work or where they live and the idea can be to help them find balance by sourcing or finding resonance.  I have often thought that our need for balance is so functional and survival based, it’s great to survive another day.  I have found that the potency of life is often in the dark places that pose difficulty for us to digest. We live in a narrow bandwidth of frequency through our senses.  Much more of life exists that we are actually a part of.  It is through the ancient art of peering into the darkness that we often evolve, become more enlightened and tap into the greater potency of living this life.  I have come to embrace the dissonance as a way of opening to new energy. The Dalia Lama became one of our greatest world spiritual leaders partly because the Chinese government annexed Tibet. Through the struggle to deal with the difficulty of dissonance we all grow and evolve.  Maybe the poet Dylan Thomas said it best
 “Don’t go gentle into that good night”.  Old age should burn and rave at close of day.  Rage, rage at the dying of the light.

Maybe just maybe the dark is a doorway to the power within the universe not manifest in the way we are used to perceiving.