I think new beginnings are a good way to look at our lives. Every day, every moment we get up and start all over again.  Literally everything we do even, if we have done it before, is new and fresh in that moment if we find what the Buddhists call beginner’s mind.  BM is a gift if you can find it. Heaven and Earth are open to the child, the fool and those of us lucky enough to be in the moment as if it were brand new.  Which according to modern physics is a consistent principle, that each moment is the entirety of the universe from a new perspective.  Deepak Chopra postulates that it is us who are making the next moment seem like the ones that came before.

I think we are experts at bringing our past references into the current moment to navigate the human experience – after all it is one of our skills of survival and we are surviving.  And it is also within us to have a direct experience in the moment as if it were just unfolding in that moment. When I teach this as a process I often say that it would be great if our past were a resource that informed the present. Then we would be free to have a more open experience in the present. I also think it helps to know who you are and what you are about and where life is beckoning – but that is another discussion.

We are stepping into a brand new time on the Earth. To me, in the openness of my consciousness it feels like a time of incredible potential. It seems like everything we were thinking as a whole is a bit incorrect. Where we put our attentions and importance is a little skewed. There is a ripple in time/space and the relativity of reality is showing.  I think this kind of shift brings up all of our issues. Whatever it is for you – its probably up. I think as a wise old teacher once said to me – not to worry, it’s all ok, just another moment in the unfolding of the universe.

The question I have been contemplating that gives me traction and purpose with all of this is, where is it and or how is it that I would like to give my consciousness to my experience on a regular basis?  How do I want to be with what I am experiencing and what is it that I would like to give my energy to?  These are the tools that help me to have the kind of experience I am having, or not.   How would you like to be experiencing your life right now and what would you like to give your energy to?  These are intimate questions that best come from your own clear mind.  ~Gary