Challenging to just live let alone live a good and integruous way. I just taught a wonderful three day class on holding Space and communications. How to do nothing or very little with intelligence and help people to process according to how they really need to. It is challenging to know how anyone including ourselves needs to process their energy and come to integration in life.

Perhaps it can only be appreciated in hindsight. We want and hope so much for our clients and relations and often our wanting and hoping is a kind of pushing. I had the opportunity to explore with my students and teachers as well as teacher trainees how to hold the space for another in a way that naturally creates an energetic environment where they can get what they need the way they need to get it in there own process timeline.

It was a very elegant four days and for me having such willing and open people to be with on this journey is a deep gift that enriches my life for days/weeks/months to come. That is what a good field creates – and then i contemplate how to nurture the field. To all of those who continue to go on this journey with me I am deeply honored . And to be able to keep pursuing this way I am grateful and humbled. Thank you to the known and unknown resources that support and guide this unfolding.