I am on the road in AZ, my home away from home, and I often contemplate how I got to this place of being a traveling, teaching, practitioning source of energy based being. I remember my early sadhana of visioning about my life and work and how I saw myself traveling, teaching, and helping wherever I was traveling to. I often wonder if I created this or just tuned into my own pathway of life. Or maybe I just followed the pathway of least resistance that lead to a realized career of teaching, training and practitioning in the energy based healing arts.

Today I will be teaching an energy based business class that will begin a journey of realization for the practitioners who attend. A strong experience that I have had is that I feel as my life has unfolded, it has become more and more about aligning myself through the living and practicing of life energy based principles. As I contemplate this piece of training that I will download today I also realize that this is a good process for me to enter into at this moment in my life.  As my vision boards and intentions manifest in my life and the lives of my relations, it becomes a good time to enter into the inquiry of life anew and what about it.  Often it turns out we teach what we need to hear and that is how we feed and nurture the world around us. In the moment I am mildly excited at this journey and recognize a need for my personal exploration. What does life mean for me now and how do I want to be participating? Great questions and an openness to explore and set down the conscious vibrational threads that will lead to the next chapters. ~Gary