We have become very focused on the two dimensional plane – I make something you buy it, I use the money to get something I need and maybe I go to church on Sunday if it fits in my schedule of making things for you. We have lost a quality of spaciousness, free time, openness, clean air ,water, oxygen,etc.  It may sound absurd and Polarity restores what’s been lost. It restores dimensions. I actually think that all problems are happening because we have gotten stuck in two dimensions and lost our connections to the full dimension of who and what we are. We are dimensional beings on the earth plane. We are struggling as a species trying to figure out what is right, often from a over mentalized place and are lacking an ability to source a sense of direct knowing that comes from being open in our dimensions and being able to listen with integrity. This dimensional integrity can be restored by opening up our energetic body and Polarity like many of the Life energetic healing modalities arising in our world today will effect this outcome. It will help us to remember who and what we are by restoring our dimensionality. Getting us to remember that we are not just mental or physical beings and that we are emotional, energetic and spiritual entities that are connected to everything in reality – that we are integral parts of our universe and that is meaningful and basic to all things. This restores integrity, and the sacredness of our relations and our beings. ~Gary