Every day is another day, every year is another year, every moment is another moment. As I move into yet the next moment, I contemplate the journey as if it were brand new.  Release the history, give up the associations and enter into the next moment as if it never happened and as if it were the first time you were in this moment.   For me this makes life fresh and keeps my head in the game. I love the idea/experience of being in the moment as if it never happened before and as if it were brand new.   Then I can engage in a way that is about opening and evolving into the next experience. This always feels good and alive to me and it gets me to look more deeply inside as to what my intention can be for the next moment of my life. Then whatever is the contemporary thing going on becomes an opportunity for me to experience the world from that view or lens.   My job is to enjoy the digestive process and be in the reception/relation to what is happening so I can digest as best I can, whatever is going on.   Really simple, very direct.  It is inspiring for me to be present from this perspective and feels as though it puts life in perspective.   When I know my job it helps me to better meet the moment and enjoy the experience.  Just that simple. ~Gary