It strikes me that so many people drawn to the Healing Arts professions are on a quest for a spiritual pathway. Today, at dawn, I sat in in a forest of thousands year-old growth where people have come for millennia to connect with Spirit.  I sat inside a sacred Buddhist temple for the morning prayers that awaken the day and honor the lineage of this Japanese Buddhist sect. As the monk droned his incantations, my channel opened up sweetly. I heard myself in his prayers.

In my life, I am drawn to temples, sites, and practices that offer the resonance of an awakening experience.

I felt the sensation of self-realization. I heard, “We are ALL PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES.” We are holding the space for our culture to return to spirit through the doorway of the body. My calling is the helping profession and oddly enough, this is the way of this particular Buddhist lineage as well. I have always felt a kinship with traditions that focus on helping other people. For me, that practice has kept me well in this life.

Body workers, life coaches, psychotherapists, energy healers and the like have become the Healer Shaman Spiritual Space Holders of our time.  Many of us are on a spiritual path to finding meaning and continuity in this life we live. By caring for the body as temple and helping our clients source themselves dimensionally, we are doing the priestess/priest work.  As we do that, we get the same in kind.

I feel blessed to have found this path that has taken me to temples and sites around the world to help me remember who I am and why I am here.  A very humbling and life-satisfying experience.