After 30 years of working with Life Energy with people I am continually amazed and awed by how touching this  work is and continues to be.  One would think that after so long of doing similar things that it might become old.  On the contrary, when I am not doing sessions I miss it.

The sessions continue to surprise me.  Even if I go to do a session with a not so great attitude once it gets going I become uplifted and a bit enlightened. Many times I feel as though I should be paying my clients for the experience that i am walking away with. Because we share the field of energy when we work together, as they go through their process I go through a resonance of it that opens me in the areas that they worked through. Or sometimes we are doing together. Nevertheless I often feel more aligned and literally enlightened to my life.  I feel clearer about who I am and what is really important.

There is a saying in Polarity that you give a session and you get one at the same time. This work continues to be the place where I find my sadhana or practice for alignment to my life. It never fails to get me to reconnect with who I am and why I am here. Thank You Dr. Stone  ~Gary