Trying to find the North Door where you take the time to appreciate where you have been, with who you have been and how you have been. The theme for this last year now turning into this period is reflection. Whenever i think that i feel right – what a great feeling and moment.

I am at JFK airport on my way to a conference in Florida having just completed a deep piece of work in NYC with Clients, Students, Teachers and Friends. Recently my work has been spot on and I felt like I just had a gourmet meal. It seemed as if all the people were ready and waiting to meet me with the purpose an intention that I brought. It was a good day with all of my relations.
I taught a new series at the NYC Open Center in a new location with new and old people.
In most of the last 20 years I have barely taught beginning classes while everything has grown and I have had so many advanced practitioners teachers and schools to nurture. This was a step back into the old way for me when I used to take students form the beginning to the end. I still feel as though I need to remember what it means to teach at this level.
It was a very deep,purposeful and highly held space with three teaching assistants and 21 students. I can still feel it. This is the best way to renew the work and resource the potency of what this work can do. More later