I am having a moment – for me to travel to Japan is a journey. To get here is quite a challenge over time and through my body. I often have resistance to going and getting here. It feels like I am doing the Hero’s journey just to come. With all my traveling, the truth is I am a very sensitive traveler. My inner ear and brain are very sensitive to the journey of plane, train, and automobile. Every time I go through a process of surrender that grows my soul as I  meet the challenges of the journey.

This journey took me very far for days, to Japan.  As I get here, I am refreshed by the amazing experience of bringing my medicine to this place and the people who are eagerly waiting for me to arrive. They know who I am on many levels and I feel honored in our relations, as I connect with them and they get what I have been bringing, it becomes the Hero’s journey realized. Each person I connect with receives the energy that they need and everyone is grateful and renewed by spirit.

I AM TOUCHED BY THE HUMANITY and a little awed by the connections. I have a realization that it is so special that I can do this in this way, that Spirit supports and guides me, that people help and hold me on the journey, and that the moments of meaningful connection are animated with a spiritual intelligence that inspires and feeds all, me included.

I am so grateful for this life and the journey, whether hard or easy, it is fulfilling in so many ways. Thank you Great Spirit, ancestors, relations and vision that brings, holds and connects me in this way. AHO   ~Gary