Ok.  We live in polarized times.  What are you going to do about it?


Revenge is also a Buddhist philosophy.rooster-color


“How so?” you might ask.


A way to build equanimity is to take the emotional experience of the moment and find a way to honor it.  In other words, the things that come up (inside) that spark us, are igniting us to follow our purpose.


Whatever it is that “gets to you” these days (and there is enough around to get everyone), why not ask the question: “How could I channel my experience into the direction of my Soul’s purpose?”


Isn’t the hero’s journey one of adversity that leads to realization and attainment?


This is a good time to ask:  “What is deep inside of me that I would like to realize?” In Ayurveda, they say that when a person is doing/pursuing/being who they are meant to be in this world, they are in balance.


The best we feel is when we are inspired and enthusiastic about pursuing what we were meant to be and do. (Is that the best revenge?)


I often imagine what the world would be like if we were all on our paths being in our own inquiry and in pursuit of who and what we are.  Just that thought always inspired me. That’s why Lifenergy science is so intriguing to me.


A friend is always asking when I will retire. I say: When I have no more juice within me that ignites my soul’s purpose, I will simply evaporate, transcending this plane of Polarities for another one.


We are entering into the year of the rooster – According to Eugenia Last


I am feisty and forthright

I honor and incorporate control

I exhibit consistency and precision

While maintaining law and order

I am tenacious and persuasive

yet observant and demanding

I am in search of excellence

Never giving in or backing down

I am perceptive and challenging

Equipped to take on responsibility

And fully prepared to conquer


We need to learn to honor the energy of the Rooster.  We need to find our relationship to this energy. It is here now.


The future and our state of being within it are up to us. Our greatest attribute as humans is our ability to learn, adapt, grow and evolve.


Worthy questions: How do we want to be? What is really important to us?


Our state of being influences everything around us, becoming a self-fulfilling conspiracy. Just asking those questions ushers in energy and consciousness.


If we ask the questions regularly, we have more and more connection; resonating and realizing, being and becoming who we were meant to be.


Maybe the best revenge is one that makes you feel in balance with the world around you. Our challenge is to find our relation to the moment and use the energy it creates to find balance for ourselves and all of our relations. We find balance with a conscious attunement that yields the actions, deeds and resonance of who we are.


Or as Mahatma Ghandi says “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”


Wake up and start crowing.


This is our time to honor who we are in the year of the cock-a-doodle-do.