Advanced Practitioner Skills Series



Advanced Practitioner Skills Series with Jennifer Sanders, RPE, RPP

Elevate your expertise with Jennifer Sanders, RPE, RPP, in the Advanced Practitioner Skills Series—a comprehensive 6-part specialty program delving into the intricacies of addressing real-world clinical issues through a Polarity and Cranial perspective. This exclusive online series unfolds on one Saturday each month, providing practitioners with invaluable insights and cutting-edge techniques.

Throughout the series, participants will immerse themselves in a focused exploration of specific organs, disease states, and emotional health challenges. Gain a profound understanding of the underlying causes, interconnected physiological systems, related life experiences, and symptomology. Jennifer Sanders, RPE, RPP will guide you in developing innovative techniques and protocols to effectively address and navigate these complex challenges.

This contemporary application of Polarity Therapy and Integrative Cranial Unwinding Therapy empowers practitioners to confidently tackle a diverse range of modern-day issues, augmenting their existing skills and resources. Live attendees will have the unique opportunity to actively engage in hands-on practice, receiving constructive feedback on their implementation of new skills and protocols.

For those unable to attend live sessions, worry not—every class will be recorded, offering the flexibility to participate at your convenience. All students, regardless of attendance mode, will enjoy unlimited access to course recordings, ensuring that the wealth of knowledge shared in this series remains readily accessible for continuous learning and reference.

*All classes will be held online via Zoom from 9am PST – 4:30pm PST

6-class series: $695

Single Class: $129

Saturday April 27th Healing the Heart – CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS

Saturday July 13th Polarity for Depression – CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS

Saturday August 24th Overcoming Anxiety – CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS

Saturday September 21st Respiratory Challenges – CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS

Saturday October 19th Working with Grief – CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS

Saturday November 9th Adrenal Support and Adrenal Fatigue – CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS

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