Aroma Yoga™ DVD


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Turn your yoga practice and daily life into a healing sanctuary!

Feel empowered to create greater well-being for yourself in any situation!

The New Aroma Yoga™ DVD is here!

This is not your typical yoga workout video, yet a transformational process to release stress, tension and pain, while supporting you to come back to your true self.

Aroma Yoga™ is a mighty blend of conscious movement, breathing exercises and chakra meditations combined with therapeutic grade essential oils especially designed to help you to let go of what no longer serves, so you can have more peace, inspiration and joy.

After participating in this Aroma Yoga™ class from the comfort of your own home, you will feel more energized yet relaxed, uplifted and centered. Discover how quickly you can release pressure and strain and come to a more centered place within. This is a full length workshop. Approximate running time is 120 minutes.