Biosonic Harmonics And The Stairway To Heaven with Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. – In Person




Biosonic Harmonics And The Stairway To Heaven

With Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.


A Sound Healing with Tuning Forks Class

Harmonics are an ascending sequence of tones, called overtones, created by the sounding of Biosonic tuning forks, crystal bowls, metal bowls, gongs, overtone chanting, and all musical instruments both ancient and modern. Biosonic Harmonics will teach the importance of overtones in sound healing and consciousness. We will practice special protocols based on harmonics that allow us to relax our rational mind and immerse ourselves in overtone sounds.

The lessons we learn from understanding mind body harmonics through listening to overtones are universal and can be applied to all sound healing modalities and instruments. Biosonic Harmonics is for beginning through advanced students of sound healing and those wanting to integrate sound healing with their professional practices.

Each tuning fork sounds an overtone that is created by sounding a Biosonic C256 Hz tuning fork. Each overtone and combination of overtones are bands of frequencies that resonant with different areas of our mind, emotions, and bodies. When we listen to overtones, a cascade of structural and physiological events occur in our body. The sound waves spread through our brain causing millions of neural synaptic junctions to seek out resonance with the different intervallic overtone relationships.

Class topics will include:

  • The Harmonics of Crystal and Angel Tuners™
  • Harmonic Energy Field Evaluation using Biosonic Bodytuners™
  • Creative harmonic sound experiences with tuning forks and ancient instruments.
  • Harmonics as gateways into alternate realities and the expansion of consciousness.
  • The history of harmonics in ancient and modern spiritual traditions.
  • Intuitive harmonic theory applied to sound healing, the body, and quantum theory.

Special Guest Faculty

Thomas Workman will present his array of ancient musical instruments from around the world to include overtone flutes, shell horns, nose flutes, didgeridoos, and special stringed instruments from Africa and Brazil used to alter consciousness.

Thomas Workman is a multi-instrumentalist, certified sound healer, instrument builder, and teacher and founder of Ancient2Future Sound Healing.

All Students will receive Dr. Beaulieu’s recordings of Peruvian Whistles, overtone tuning forks, and Dr. Beaulieu’s Overtone Whistles.

Dates & Time:

  • Saturday June 8th 10:30 AM -1PM EST and 3PM to 5:30PM EST
  • Evening Concert 7:30PM – 9PM EST
  • Sunday June 9th 10AM -1PM EST and 2:30PM-5PM EST

Location: IN-PERSON in Stone Ridge, New York
Price: $600

– a limited number of students may attend in person – Stone Ridge, New York.  If you are interested in the ONLINE class ($400) CLICK HERE

Note: It is not necessary to have a set of tuning forks.

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