Communication, Resonance & Relations I – October 2023




Communication, Resonance & Relations I with Tracy Griffiths

Class one in a hallmark series of courses in verbal skills for body-workers and other healing practitioners. It combines energetic principles with techniques drawn from NLP, Gestalt, Bioenergetics and Ericksonian Trancework. Emphasis is placed on integrating verbal work with bodywork and on exploring the energetic meaning of physical postures, movements and responses. Learn verbal skills that will allow you to guide your client to resolution. This course, while not a substitute for psychological training, will teach you to pace your clients, follow their journey where it needs to go, and integrate body-based healing with life healing. It is a profound accompaniment to all integrative bodywork practices.


Dates: October 21-22 & 28-29 (Saturdays & Sundays)
Time: 9:30am-6:30pm
Hours: 32 hours
Instructor: Tracy Griffiths
Location: Temescal Canyon Park, Pacific Palisades

Cost: $704