Playdates With The Crone: Forest




Playdates with the crone: Forest  with Laure Porche

🔮 What if you could hear stories in everything in your life? What if these stories told you about who you are, what you need, what’s the best place for you?

Playdates with the Crone are exploratory classes to expand your perception of yourself, dialog with your subconscious and inspire creativity! They are an introduction to The Moonlit Path course and will give you a chance to connect with me and the work.

November 13th – 10am PST : FOREST In this first class, we’ll explore our own inner forest, and how it can be a resource in our life, regardless of whether it’s enchanted or scary 🌳

What to expect in these intro classes:
🌙embodied exploration of the theme
🌙guided visualization
🌙more information about The Moonlit Path course

What more to expect if you take the full course:
🌟 in depth discussion of the course’s themes
🌟more complex constellation exploration
🌟community building and cross pollination
🌟lots of creative prompts, adventures and resources
🌟a expansion of your perception of reality
🌟more capacity to be with yourself
🌟a slow but steady transformation of your relationship to life 😊

For more info on the course you can go to

Date: Saturday, November 13th
Time: 10am – 11:30am
Instructor: Laure Porche
Location: Online
Cost: FREE