FREE INTRO: Can We Cure Trauma and PTSD? with Sheva Carr



Can We Cure Trauma and PTSD?  FREE INTRO

with Sheva Carr

A 12-hour course taught in three 4 Hour Segments

Listen to the INTRO with Sheva recorded on May 19th:

Class Details:

Learn how the synergy of modern neuroscience, Polarity Therapy, HeartMath® Research and applied heart intelligence, and the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah and Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians can be shaped into new approaches that provide us pathways to post traumatic growth. Understand how to heal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual trauma at the intergenerational level, epigenetically, from adverse early childhood experiences (ACES), sexual trauma, trauma from natural disasters and human-made disasters such as war, and more. Learn the terrain of trauma to recognize when it is obstructing optimal fulfillment of future potential for you and your clients. Patients and practitioners are both welcome to attend this course, for self-healing and for healing of others. *Read the class details below for more information.

Dates: August 11, 18 & 25, 2023
Time:  12pm – 4pm PST
Instructor: Sheva Carr
Location: ONLINE
Hours: 12  (three 4-hour classes)
Price: $360   **add special optional bonus classes for an additional $30CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

CLASS 1: Developing a shared vocabulary of practice

What is trauma?

What is PTSD?

How do we define it from a neuroscience perspective? A Polarity Therapy perspective?

What does the word “cure” mean? What does the word “heal” mean?

Our historical evolution in the understanding of trauma- how did we treat soldiers with trauma in WW I? WW II? Now? When did we start calling it “trauma” and stress? What does that teach us about healing it now?

The role of the heart and brain and their communication with one another in trauma

The role of the limbic brain in trauma, and its connection to the ANS

The disruption of the hippocampus’ ability to create narrative memories in trauma, and other neurological changes observed in those with PTSD

The role of the past and the future as a polarity at play in trauma

What are neurological baselines? Can we change them?

Learn applied techniques to shift the neurological baseline of trauma in yourself and others and prevent secondary trauma as a caregiver for those with trauma.

Simple tools that can be applied right away:

1)    HeartMath’s® Emotional Landscape™ Map, Quick Coherence® Technique, Freeze Frame® Technique, Heart Lock-In® Technique

2)    Polarity Therapy Therapeutic Neutrality in a Trauma informed context, and an exploration of how Verbal, Energetic and Physical Pacing heals the neurological damage of mental, emotional and physical trauma

HOMEPLAY: Apply HeartMath® skills daily to heal your own trauma and prevent secondary trauma as a practitioner

Apply therapeutic neutrality and verbal, physical, and energetic pacing and mirroring with at least one patient with trauma and write up your case study.


CLASS 2: Healing the Past and Being Healed by the Future

Debrief your case studies

Special Interviews and Q&A with teams using the interventions you’ve learned in the VA Hospital System with those clinically diagnosed with trauma (and possibly a patient interview as well)

Special interviews and Q&A with the practitioners from the Resilient Heart program

Revisiting the three primary expressions of trauma through limbic mitigation:

1)    Flashbacks and dissociations

2)    Neural associations

3)    Homing to suboptimal familiars

4)    Addictions and compulsions

How the core tools we learned in month one heal those things – and how it can happen in a shockingly simple way- even with complex trauma

How we can trust ourselves and our tools as polarity therapists in the face of the complexity of trauma

Deeper exploration of how these primary expressions of trauma are rear view mirror living, and how healing trauma can come from the future.

Still point inductions and trauma healing, vibrational healing and the levitating of water droplets, defying gravity and other rules like linear time when we raise consciousness from 3D to other dimensions of reality

Tool to practice and take home: The Spiral Staircase Meditation: Healing the Past and Being Healed by the Future-  Future Pacing in a trauma informed context

HOMEPLAY: Continue practicing your prior skills and now add to that a daily practice of dialogue with your future self. Do at least one session of future pacing with a patient with trauma and write up your case study.


CLASS 3: As Above So Below: Healing Personal Trauma Heals Collective Trauma Which Heals the World

Exploring the holographic nature of reality

Looking at the traumatic experiences of ourselves and our patients through the lens of a holographic model in which our trauma is part of a larger global healing process, not just a destructive process.

The interaction of our electromagnetic fields with one another, and with the earth’s electromagnetic field

Work with the principles and tools learned for healing personal trauma and apply them to global issues, together in class and individually in exercises.

Learn to apply this to any issue in the world that you care deeply about.

Report back to the main room experiences of healing global trauma through your own process.

Pre-recorded interviews with practitioners from the VA hospital system and their patients using these interventions for trauma.

Celebrate that in healing ourselves, we heal our world.

MORE!  All students will receive as a bonus “Freedom With Pain” – an 8 Part Series created for Veterans with PTSD in collaboration with HeartMath®, The VA Hospital System’s Whole Health Programs, and The Fyera Foundation® and HeartAmbassadors®.


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