Polarity Immersion – ONLINE



Polarity Immersion with Gary Strauss – ONLINE

Polarity Immersion provides an intensive introduction to the history, theory and the polarity style of bodywork.  Polarity is an art as it integrates eastern and western healing modalities, concepts and practices. This  class will give the students a significant look into the dynamic elements of polarity within our own lives, our clients and the world around us.

Date:  November 18th, 2022
Time: **9:30am-6:30pm EST  (6:30am-3:30pm PST)
Instructor: Gary Strauss
Hours:  8
Location: ONLINE
Cost:  $160

*This class is part of our 6-module Certificate of Excellence in Cranial Unwinding – with NY Open Center.  For more information CLICK HERE

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