Polarity Immersion – Certificate Training Module – ONLINE – January 15th

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Polarity Immersion with Gary Strauss – New York Open Center

In this workshop, we will learn a thorough Polarity protocol and the fundamentals of Polarity Therapy. At the course’s conclusion, we will be able to perform a full hour-long session (the first step toward becoming an Associate Polarity Practitioner or APP), using 27 different energy techniques that help integrate body, mind and spirit.

Among the areas covered will be:

  • Fundamentals of polarity therapy
  • How life energy relates to the world and to healing
  • The energetic map of the body (which includes the blueprint of the physical body; our feelings and fears; our beliefs, truths and perceptions; and connects us to self-awareness, and the universal consciousness).
  • How to feel the flow of energy within and around the physical body through palpating the aura’s energetic field.
  • How to affect currents of energy with specific forms of touch that range from light to deep.
  • Feel the energy that can guide us to parts of the body that need healing.
  • How to “process” our energy blockages through sounding and breathing techniques.
  • How to give full sessions that integrate all of the techniques we’ve learned.
  • and much more.
  • Note: This is the prerequisite workshop for Craniosacral Unwinding Practitioner Certification Training

Register for the class – A One-Day Workshop  – Register Here

Date: January 15th, 2021
Time: 9:30am-6:30pm EST
Instructor: Gary Strauss
Location: ONLINE

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