Quantum Cranial and Sonic Design with Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.




Quantum Cranial and Sonic Design
The Science and Art of Cerebrospinal Fluid
A Sound Healing with Tuning Forks class

with Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Beaulieu will present an integrative vibrational medicine approach to sound healing and cranial balancing through the integration of science and intuition. All existence is vibratory in nature, and it is the underlying vibratory field that sustains everything that exists with structure and form. Quantum science defines a field of vibratory behaviors that are similar the vibratory behaviors observed by healers, musicians, artists, saints, and shaman in all cultures. When the qualitative knowledge of ancient cultures is integrated with the discoveries of quantum science a balanced understanding of healing emerges.

Dr. Andrew Still, the founder of Osteopathic medicine said, “cerebrospinal fluid is the highest known element in the body. He who is able to reason will see that this great river of life must be tapped, and the withering field irrigated at once, or the harvest of health be forever lost.” The focus of this class is to learn how to tap the great river of cerebrospinal fluid and increase our health and wellbeing.

During class we learn how to use BioSonic tuning forks and vocal toning to increase cranial bone mobility. Dr. Beaulieu will demonstrate how to apply the principles learned in class to all sound healing instruments including crystal and metal sounding bowls, gongs, voice, and anything that makes sound. Dr. Beaulieu’s classes are taught through a Montessori approach to learning and open to students of all levels. During class Dr. Beaulieu will give sessions to students in which he demonstrates how to structure cerebrospinal fluid based. There will time for questions and discussions.

Students will learn:

  • the neural anatomy of listening and the sensory pathways that lead directly to the brain stem.
  • the bones of the cranium, how they move, and how their movements can be positively affected by sound using special tuning fork protocols for each bone.
  • the history of the ventricular system of the brain and cerebrospinal fluid.
  • how sound moves from the brain stem to the prefrontal cortex where is it associated with different experiences and loop back to the brain stem.
  • how to mindful listening methods to positively interrupt prefrontal looping.
  • how to use sound and intention to structure cerebrospinal fluid patterns and how those patterns relate to the chakra system.

*This class will be recorded.

Dates: Friday, December 9th & Friday, December 16th, 2022
Time: 10am – 2pm (Pacific Standard Time)
Instructor: John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.
Location: ONLINE
Hours: 8 hrs. (two 4-hour classes)
Price: $144

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