Quantum Cranial Sound Healing & Vibrational Medicine ONLINE




Quantum Cranial Sound Healing & Vibrational Medicine ONLINE with John Beaulieu

This class integrates craniosacral, vibrational and homeopathic medicine, intuition, quantum biology, and sound healing with tuning forks. The course focuses on cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), intuition / sensory kinesiology, and how to tune into and potentize CSF through succession methods  (traditionally called tapping) The potency of this class will vitalize the dimensionality of your body, your life and the modalities of your current practice.  You will receive access to pre-recorded class material and handouts to start working on and studying prior to class.

Date: Saturday, January 29th and Sunday, January 30th, 2022
Time: 10am – 4:30pm (Pacific Standard Time)
Instructor: John Beaulieu
Location: ONLINE
Hours: 16 hrs
Price: $288

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