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"The infinite within is ever becoming."

Dr. Randolf Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy



SPRINGBOARD is an online platform providing teachers and teacher trainees in the Life Energy Institute community  a place to pilot their emerging and aspiring projects.  It is a place for refining and experimenting  with  teaching skills and class content.  Feedback is an integral ingredient in this process.

Welcome to our ever-evolving creative space.

SPRINGBOARD is open to anyone who would like to view our work as part of  Life Energy Institute’s 2020/2021 Teachers Training Program. Participation in any of our upcoming classes is encouraged. Your feedback is valued.

Teacher Trainees, Mentors, and Teachers will post content relevant to project assignments from the Teacher Training Modules in addition to original content made specifically for the Springboard Community.   Meet our teachers – click here


Playdates With The Crone: Forest with Laure Porche

🔮 What if you could hear stories in everything in your life? What if these stories told you about who you are, what you need, what’s the best place for you?

Playdates with the Crone are exploratory classes to expand your perception of yourself, dialog with your subconscious and inspire creativity! They are an introduction to The Moonlit Path course and will give you a chance to connect with me and the work.

In this first class, we’ll explore our own inner forest, and how it can be a resource in our life, regardless of whether it’s enchanted or scary 🌳

What to expect in these intro classes:
🌙embodied exploration of the theme
🌙guided visualization
🌙more information about The Moonlit Path course

What more to expect if you take the full course:
🌟 in depth discussion of the course’s themes
🌟more complex constellation exploration
🌟community building and cross pollination
🌟lots of creative prompts, adventures and resources
🌟a expansion of your perception of reality
🌟more capacity to be with yourself
🌟a slow but steady transformation of your relationship to life 😊

For more info on the course you can go to

Class dates to be announced.

Playdates With The Crone: Moon  with Laure Porche

This is an exploratory class to expand your perception of yourself, dialog with your subconscious and inspire creativity! It’s an introduction to The Moonlit Path course and will give you a chance to connect with me and the work.

In this specific class, we’ll be having tea with the Moon and exploring our light and hidden side.

Class dates to be announced.

Weekly Class:

Qigong in Your Pjs with Dorene Hyman

Qigong in Your PJs is an ongoing weekly class about developing a better alignment of your body, mind, and spirit. Through movement and focus you can create balance and flexibility, build awareness and a deeper connection with yourself and with nature.

Every Friday, 10am – 10:30am EDT – for Zoom link Click Here

Past Classes:

Intro to Astrology for Healing Artists with Shelley Bredeson

In this introductory class on Astrology for Healing artists, you will learn how to nurture and support your vital life force bases on modern and traditional medical astrology principles.

This class is for anyone who is interested in learning how to incorporate astrology in their personal or professional wellness practice.  You don’t need to know any astrology to benefit from this class other than your sun sign. For those who do know the fundamentals of their natal chart, you will be able to apply this information more broadly to other natal signatures.

This class is free to all participants. For those wishing to learn more, I will be offering a Level 1 Astrology Basics for Healing Artists beginning at the end of October 2021.

If you don’t know your sun sign, and are planning to attend, please feel free to contact me prior to the class and I will help you out


HEAVEN AND EARTH – How Fascia is Connected to Energy with Christie Deddens

This is an exploration and explanation of the fundamental connection in the body and healing between fascia and energy showing the bridge between both worlds.


CIRCLES, SPIRALS, CURVES  – Connecting our inner and outer worlds through imagery and movement with Barbara Fahringer

Come learn a sequence of movements designed to develop ease of movement, kinesthetic awareness and connection to the wider world in which we live.  With intention this movement is a meditation which brings insight and resources into our lives.

Please bring comfortable clothes and a soft mat for a short time on the floor.

‘ADULT-HOOD’ – A  journey of self discovery  with Christine F. Scheibl

Part two of a two part series.

Part 2: Identify and claim resources your ‘small-self’ needs to transform into your ‘Big-Self’. As an adult in our internal world we become our own source of resource!

‘ADULT-HOOD’ – A  journey of self discovery  with Christine F. Scheibl

Part One of a two part series.

Part 1: Explore and identify resources already inherently yours! From this place of wealth we have unlimited riches to draw from.

OUR COLLECTIVE DREAM  with Sunil Kalwani

A rant & conversation that aims to inspire and activate people around collective, cultural change. Consider this a challenge for people to spark their imaginations towards brighter and bolder possibilities.

TOOLS OF LIFE – An Introduction to Qi Gong with Dorene Hyman

Join to experience how qi gong, Chinese therapeutic exercise can support your health by aligning the mind, body, and spirit.

CREDENTIALS FROM LIFE  – how to teach from your own story with  Laure Porche

A one hour conversation and exploration of how to teach from your own life. What to share, why share it and how to share it.

SPIRALING – a voyage of discovery  with Fiona Camilleri

An exercise in the use of drawing to discover more about yourself and to use as a resource for alignment